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A Handmade Life

Growing up the son of a builder, I always enjoyed working with my hands. I could often be found in my Dad’s workshop creating something out of scraps lying around. There’s something special about handmade things. Whether it’s a card or a beautiful piece of furniture, there’s a natural connection to things handmade. My wife and I have built our home, and like to look at our life as a handmade life. When we purchase items, we gravitate towards handmade gifts, original art and furniture. Connecting with the artisans who created the pieces we purchase brings deeper meaning and value to our possessions. Here at Misty Mountain Furniture we pride ourselves on handcrafting all of furniture and accessories. We start by hand selecting the highest quality reclaimed material for the job. Next we cut, saw, mill, drill, plane, join, sand and then sand some more. We always run our hands over every piece, making sure it’s smooth to the touch as well as pleasing to the eye. After final assembly and more sanding, we again do the hand test, ensuring the final product is beautiful to the touch. When you feel and see the handmade quality of our furniture and accessories it connects you to us. We love to connect with our customers at Misty Mountain Furniture, whether you order on line or come into our store. A handmade life is a beautiful feeling, bring more handmade into your life!

Modern Rustic Loft Table and Rustic Heritage High Back Chairs created from hand selected reclaimed barnwood.

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