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Mountain Hewn Half Log Dining Table Set

Our Mountain Hewn rustic Half Log styled Dining Table set offers you a traditional log table look which would go well in any cabin or lake home. Our Mountain Hewn style leaves some of the bark or "skip peel" on the logs giving it a more rustic brown striped appearance. Then, the table top is completely flat and level leaving some "skip peel" showing on the half shaped logs underneath.

You may select from either knotty pine (as pictured above) or blue pine for wood species. Please note, blue pine will offer you more light grey mineral lines throughout the wood. This table is offered in several sizes. The dining table set price is for a 6' foot (72" Length) x 36" W x 30" H table along with 6 Saloon Side Chairs.


We can also make this table in larger sizes if you prefer: 7' (84" Length) or 8' foot (96" Lengths) with as many side chairs as you may need. Please contact us direct for larger set prices. 

Mountain Hewn Half Log Dining Table Set

  • Mountain Hewn Half Log Dining Table 

    *7' Length x 36" Wide x 30" High

    *Your Choice - Knotty Pine or Blue Pine

    *Special Half Log Design for table top

    *Skip peeled Log legs

    *6 Saloon Side Chairs with "skip peel" showing on legs

    *Clear Matte Lacquer Finish

    *Lifetime Warranty



    This table is also available in custom sizes of (7' feet) 84" L and (8' feet) 96" L, please call for pricing at: 208-265-4190 or email 

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