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Modern Rustic Stone Door Handle

These Modern Rustic Rock Door Handles are hand picked from the streams and lakes of North Idaho. Glacial ice and floods sculpted these rocks over 15,000 years ago. The rocks are drilled and the brushed steel stems are epoxied into the rock. We then seal each pull with a matte finish to resist staining. Our stone hardware adds a refined, natural and unique look to any door.



Misty Mountain Furniture Modern Rustic Stone Door Handle

SKU: A-RockHandle

    Modern Rustic Stone Door Handle

    *Intended for Screen Doors/Man Doors

    *4 1/2" to 6" in Length

    *Unique Glacial Rocks

    *Brushed Nickel Stems

    *Stems Drilled and Epoxied into Stones

    *Clear Matte Seal Finish

    *Lifetime Warranty


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